Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Belly "bump"

Here's a picture from about a week and a half ago. I'm about 21 weeks here. Trying to wrap my head around that we are more than halfway through. We're just now starting to work on Addie's room. She is still sleeping in her crib. She has never pushed us on getting out of it and sleeps well so we haven't rushed her. The guest room will become her room and we'll keep her current room just about the same for the new baby...one of the benefits of having another girl! We will replace carpet, paint, Jeremy will do a new closet and decorate her room. She's super excited!

Oh, and totally random, I forgot to mention that at Addison's 3-year check-up she weighed 28 pounds and was exactly 3 feet tall. She is such a skinny thing with no behind! I can hardly get pants to stay up on her. She definitely takes after her dad. Ha!

More people are rubbing the belly these days. :)

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