Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three-year-old princess

Wow, it's been quite some time since I have posted anything. Sorry! I work every weekend for our auditions in March so it's been hard to just keep up on normal things during this busy month. I am also trying to pay attention to my body and rest when I should instead of pushing through since I have very long days on my feet on the weekends and don't want to get swollen or wear myself out.

We can't believe our little girl is three!!! Some days I just look at her and wonder where the time went. Although she is soooo strong-willed, stubborn and independent, she is soooo loving, caring, smart and sweet! It's hard to imagine our lives before she was born because she brings us so much joy.

On her actual birthday we went to Addie's daycare to celebrate. We sang to her, ate cupcakes and hung out for a bit with the cute kids. We then did fun things as a family of three. We took her to Build-A-Bear, although that didn't go over as well as we thought (the stuffing machine was too loud and I think she had too much "celebrating" that day), and then we went out to eat. We then came home and Addie opened "Beauty and the Beast" DVD from us. She loves princess stuff...ugh...and we like to keep things simple since Lord knows she has enough stuff. We watched the DVD altogether that evening. Funny how many words I still remember. :) It was a great day!

All the kiddos singing "Happy Birthday!"

How cute are they?

I think she liked her cupcake! :) She can be a picky eater sometimes, but she sure does love her sweets!

One of her BFFs...Emma!

At Build-A-Bear giving her monkey a bath...

On Saturday our families came over to celebrate. Addie LOVED having her family all in one place. Of course she was spoiled rotten. It was awesome that David, Carrie and the boys could come to her party since they have only lived here since the fall. Apparently the whole month of February Dylan kept asking when it was going to be the end of the month so he could go to her party.

Addie doing Kameryn's hair

She hates the attention! HA!

Chocolate cake on a Disney princess plate...what more could a girl ask for?

Abigail flirting with Alex and Tiffany

Unwrapping a "Fancy Nancy" book. Leigh got her one of these for Christmas and she really likes it. She specifically asked my mom for one so that's what she got.

A "Tangled" doll from Honey and Papaw Randy

A pink Princess convertible from Papaw John and Mamaw... Gee, thanks! :)

And a Cinderella vanity from Anthony and Jenny. Once again, gee thanks! :) Here's the before...

He's such a great dad!

We're in TROUBLE!

We love you Addison Grace! You are three!

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The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Oh my, oh my that car is pink! Good thing you're having another little girl with all of that princess attire! :-) So glad she had a great birthday!