Friday, July 29, 2011

We're home!

We're home! Unfortunately when we were getting ready to be discharged from the hospital Addie's daycare called to tell us she had a 102 fever. Ugh. Welcome to the world of two kids, huh? We were very bummed because we were looking forward to just being a family of four at home. We brought Addie home and let her watch a movie while we kept Kate in another room until Jeremy could take her to the doctor. We wanted Jeremy to pick her up from daycare because Addie has been passed around the past few days while we were at the hospital and every kid wants their mom or dad when they are sick. Of course it is just a virus, but we wanted to know what we should do with Addie now that Kate was home and only 2 days old. Addie is not supposed to get too close to the baby, but they can be in the same house. Poor thing! Addie just wants to love on her baby sister but doesn't quite understand, especially when the tylenol kicks in and she is feeling ok. It has been an obvious challenge. Today (Friday) Addie couldn't go to daycare because of the fever so Jeremy's mom is keeping her for the day so we don't have to worry about her getting in Kate's face all day. We're looking forward to Sunday when Addie will probably be over her fever and able to love on Kate.

Everything else is going really well. My recovery has been MUCH better than last time. I don't know if it is the second time around, a smaller baby (Addie was 8 lbs 7 oz) or because I labored so much naturally before getting an epidural (not the plan!). I do plan on blogging about my labor story just so I have it on record since the blog serves as a scrapbook for us. I was up walking around in the hospital room on Wednesday doing some things while last time I hardly could get out of bed the whole time. Nursing is also going MUCH better than last time. It took Addie and I about 2 weeks before everything was ok. It was a big challenge! I'm crossing my fingers that things continue to go smoothly.

Last night we had dinner as a family and when were saying prayers before dinner I started getting emotional. I feel so blessed to have two HEALTHY, beautiful children and a wonderful husband! I know a lot of people can't say the same thing so I count blessings everyday for such wonderful gifts from God.

More pics to come...until then enjoy the slideshow of the hospital pics. The hospital didn't use this service with Addie and the pictures are precious! We didn't order any because they were so expensive and we'll get some pics as a family, plus my friend Jason came to the hospital Wednesday night and took a bunch of cute photos. I'm excited to see them. Follow the instructions to see the gallery. We picked #6 of Kate yawning for the hospital website pic. So cute!

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Lauren H. said...

Awesome pictures - she is precious! So glad to hear recovery is going smoothly. Hope that Addie is feeling better soon :)

Mary Beth said...

love all the hospital pics. Can't wait to see which ones your friend got too.