Friday, August 5, 2011

More pics

Things are going well at home. Kate was back up to her birth weight at her one-week check-up on Tuesday. She was at 6 lbs 12 oz when we left the hospital...such a peanut! This means I can push her longer during her middle of the night feeding...that is if she cooperates. She is a really good baby, though. She really only cries when she wants her diaper changed or if she is hungry. I don't want to jinx myself though. Reality is definitely not set in yet. My mom just left today (Friday) and has been here since Sunday helping around the house. Our Sunday School class at church has been delivering meals every other day since Sunday and will do so over the next two weeks! It is so nice to have such a wonderful support system! We'll see how everything is once the newness goes away. We went on our first walk yesterday and my mom and I met my aunt and cousin for lunch on Wednesday. It feels so good to get out of the house!

Below are pictures taken in the hospital from our great friend, Jason. Check out his website at Enjoy!

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