Thursday, February 16, 2012

6 months old and look-a-like

Kate Ellen turned 6 months old on Jan. 26th.  So hard to believe!  She weighed 14 lbs. 15 oz. (25%) and was 25 3/4 in. (50%).  That is almost exactly like her big sister.  She has been to the doctor 3 times in the past month to knock a bad cough (sounds like wheezing at times).  She had steroids for bronchitis and now is on antibiotics.  Hopefully this will get rid of it!  The doctor said respiratory issues have been really common this winter with all of the warm weather.  He also said because she had reflux and has a family history of allergies she may often have colds that turn into respiratory infections.  Fun times!  Through all of this Kate has been such a happy girl.  There has been a few times she has been fussy, but in general this girl is always smiling!

Kate takes 4 bottles a day and eats baby food 3 times a day.  She wasn't a big fan of cereal at first, but once we put some fruit mixed with it she loves it.  She eats #2 baby food now.  Kate doesn't care for veggies or "dinner" meals too much.  She eats them, but opens her mouth wide for fruit!

She has graduated from her baby bathtub and sits up in the regular bathtub.  We stay close in case she starts to topple over.  The two girls love taking baths together.

Kate LOVES her feet!  It is hilarious.  We joke like she is Houdini because within a minute of getting her dressed she has her socks off and either her sock or feet are in her mouth.  Sometimes she fusses a bit when you are changing her diaper and you need to take her feet away.  She also loves to grab hair, especially Addie's, but I think that is because Addie is constantly in her face.

Kate is a little lover.  She actually gives hugs.  It is too cute.  She'll tighten up her whole body and put her face on our shoulder/chest and squeeze. 

Kate laughs, squeals and coos a lot.  Of course most of this is all directed to her big sister. The surprising thing is that she is actually quiet when she does.  She has a soft voice.  Maybe that means she won't talk back as much as her sister!  Wishful thinking, I know. :)

I may say this with every age, but I LOVE the 6 month age.  It is such a sweet age.  Kate brings so much joy to our lives and our family!

Love this photo!  Such a sweet girl!

I LOVE her cheeks!

So happy to get to share the bath tub together now.


And here's an example of Kate always being entertained by her big sister.  A family dance party before bedtime...(I'm going to try to convert into another format, but it isn't work well right now.)

I know we try not to compare the two girls too often, but of course it is a natural thing to do.  Here is a picture of Addie and Kate around the same age.  There are times when I think Kate looks nearly identical to Addie, but there are other times when they look very different.

And see for yourself.  What do you think?

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The Hughes Family said...

The girls look so similar in their 6 month pictures! And I loved the 6 month age too...and then I loved the 9 month, the 12 month, etc, etc! :) Glad to see everyone is doing so well!