Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January recap

So I have been behind on blogging. Usually January is a nice month to lay low after the craziness of December.  This January it started off low-key, but seemed to get busier as the month went on.  Jeremy and I went skiing with the church youth group again.  Last year I went, but couldn't ski since I was pregnant so it was nice to get back on the slopes.  Addie has started her ballet classes or "creative movement."  She is loving it so far and likes to show us new things she has learned from "Miss Ashley".  Enjoy pictures from throughout the month...

We have started a new thing with Addie's bedtime routine.  Right after prayers/songs she now wants us to leave the room so she can "read" to herself.  After she has read a book or two she turns out her light and goes to bed.  So big!  She looks so old sitting up in bed and looking at her books.  Tried to capture a photo without her looking, but it didn't work.

Enjoying hot chocolate one evening

Kate playing in her exesaucer while I took down the Christmas lights one day...

One Saturday my mom watched Dylan and Dawson for the night.  We met up with them at a local park to feed ducks and play on the playground.  This winter has been unseasonably warm so it has been nice to get out of the house and enjoy it.

Kate is now sitting up.  She falls over once in a while and gets stronger everyday.  She turned 6 months old.  Our baby is growing up!  I will do a post soon about Kate and her 6 month check-up.  She is "talking" here.  Funny face...

Happy girl!

We had our friends Heather and Peter over for dinner one night.  Emma and Addie are BFFs!  They go to the same daycare and I work with Heather & Peter so we see each other often.  Their little boy Michael was born at the beginning of December so Kate and Michael are close in age too.  Michael is a cutie!  Here are the girls playing with what they know best...princess and dress-up stuff!

Hugs goodbye...yet they saw each other the next day at daycare. :)

Update coming soon...Kate's 6 months, my cruise trip!!! and more.

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