Thursday, February 23, 2012

Addie's room

We moved Addie into a "big girl" room in May.  We made our guest room into her room.  We got new carpet and painted it.  Her nursery (and now Kate's) was green and light pink so I wanted to do something bright.  We kept the paint pretty neutral since everything else was so bright.  She definitely has a bold personality to go with it! :)  I've been meaning to post pictures.  Enjoy!

Jeremy built the cubbies.  The nightstand is the one he built before she was born.  Both Kate and Addie have the same nightstand.  Of course her room is hardly ever this organized. :)

I hope to eventually put her name above the bed.  I was really excited to find the wall decals!They are from Target and the bedspread was from JC Penney.  They look like they belong together.

This was my old dresser from my bedroom at my parent's house so it was pretty dated.  Kelly came over one day and we painted it.  Jeremy put some new hardware on it and it looked very different.

Jeremy made the closet like the nursery.  It has drawers, a shelf and a rod.  It is great for storage since our closets are so small in our house.  I love the cross I got at Hobby Lobby.

Close-up of the top of the dresser.  I may add a shelf above it...err...have Jeremy put one above it one day...if he'll let me. :)

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