Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog changes to come...

I actually now have a good excuse for not blogging lately.  I went to do a post recently and got a notification that I reached my maximum photo storage limit of 1GB and could no longer upload photos.  What?!  I didn't even realize this was possible, but Google (and Picasa, which is the program that allows photos to post to blogs) made changes and now 1 GB is free after that the user must pay a monthly fee.  I guess after uploading photos since 2007 (started it when I was pregnant with Addie) I have used up my space.  After looking into it and talking it over (thanks, Chad!) it looks like I have two options: start a new blog or pay monthly for the one I have.  Boo!  The good news is that I shouldn't lose any of the posts I have on here.  It just won't let me go forward with photos...and don't people just look at these types of blogs for photos?! :)  For those of you that read this and use blogger as your blog site you can check out the info below if interested.

Now I definitely need to print this blog to a book!  I had planned on doing it eventually, but now it looks like I need to start doing it year to year and do it stat!  So, I think I have decided it would be best to start a new blog.  Of course this started when there is sooo much already going on with the holidays with lots of posts and pictures to update.  Hopefully I can get to this soon along with the other long list of things to do during the holiday season.  Got the Christmas tree tonight.  That is one to check off. :)

Stay tuned!

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