Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some highlights from April

April 8th was a great day! The Louisville Cards won the NCAA tournament during an awesome game & tournament run (wished the Bulldogs had gone farther in the tournament but I was happy to cheer them on at Rupp during the first round...sorry, sidetracked) AND our new niece was born!  Jeremy's younger brother, Justin and his wife, Cristina, welcomed Charlotte Jean into the world.  Here are a few pictures from the hospital.  What a cutie!

And not too much longer until we have another niece!  Jenny is due at the beginning of July.

I decided to take a day off in April when we actually had some nice weather.  I took the girls to the zoo for the first time this year.  We haven't been since October.  My mom was able to go with us.  It was a beautiful day for it.  

There wasn't that many people there since we went in the late afternoon during the week.  Addie enjoyed really getting to see some animals up-close without any crowds.  Here she is posing with the gorillas.

Kate loves animals!  Well, I guess apparently only on tv, in books or from afar.  The poor girl was terrified most of the day with any large animals: elephants (even from very far away), gorillas, bears, etc.  She did however love the fish. Ha!  Baby steps.  I actually think this is the age when Addie was scared at the zoo.  She was scared of a small turtle swimming one time.  I suppose we need to make good use of our membership this year so Kate can warm up to the large animals.  Ha!
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