Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thunder Over Louisville

We went to Thunder Over Louisville this year.  Thunder is the biggest fireworks show in the nation (so they say) and has an air show to go with it and is the kickoff to Derby Festival.  Jeremy's great aunt gave us passes to an area that had food, some drinks and an area to sit.  Knowing we had a place to go made it easier to take the kids.  There are lots of people downtown!  My parents came with us and we met up with some of Jeremy's family and David and family. 

We got there around dinnertime and were able to see some of the air show.  Kate LOVES planes!  We live near a small airport so we see a lot of planes in our neighborhood.  As soon as she hears it she immediately starts looking for the plane.

Jeremy making plane sounds.

Kate checking out the planes.

 Addie pretending to be a plane.

Jeremy's aunt and uncle had a camper in the camper area.  We hung out with them most of the night.  It was so nice of them to let us crash their pad and we were able to use their bathroom too.  Sweet!  You can probably tell it was a very chilly day so it was nice to also go in the camper to warm up.

Jeremy trying on Kate's hat.  He has such a peanut head!  Ha!

Jeremy's Uncle Mark and Kate watching the planes.

Once it got dark we made our way back to our original seats.  It got really cold!  We tried to stay warm waiting for the fireworks.

And then it was time for the 30 minute fireworks show!

Addison LOVED it.  She really hasn't seen much fireworks before.  It was amazing to see it through her eyes.  A precious memory.  Kate did really well too. When I asked her right at the beginning if she liked the fireworks she responded, "No" while shaking her head.  One minute later she said "Yes".  A few minutes later it was "No".  Ha!  She didn't like the really loud ones, but really liked to watch them all.  

It was a long day and a late night.  Can you tell?  :)
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