Thursday, May 23, 2013

iPad dump

The past few months I haven't been as good about taking pictures with my DSLR, especially when we are just at home.  I have taken lots of photos with our iPad and Jeremy's phone.  And I just got an iPhone so I am sure I'll be taking lots of photos on it.  I love the convenience of snapping a photo with the iPad and phone, but I am not the best about getting them off the iPad/phone.  So I finally dumped some photos from the iPad.  Enjoy these snapshots.

My friend Laura made these tutus and the girls are showing them off.   Thanks, Laura!

I have been hosting a monthly craft night at our house.  Jeremy ends up usually doing at least one of our crafts with all of the skills and tools he has. :) It is lots of fun with good friends!  And sometimes babies come along too.  Love those cuddles!

We often play hair salon at our house.  Addie's salon name is "Pretty Accessories" and her name is "Wedding Girl". :)  Sometimes daddy is her client.  And sometimes it is Sadie.


While playing in the back yard Addie found this stone.  She said, "Daddy, what is this?"  He said, "You know what that is, buddy?  It is a dinosaur tooth!"  You should have seen her expression!  Gullible.  She took it to daycare everyday for a week to show it off.

Kate has discovered Addie's car.  She doesn't really know how to steer and just keeps pushing the gas pedal down.  Luckily it doesn't go too fast.  Ha!

Sometimes on the weekends Addie gets to sleep in her princess tent.  Here is bedtime stories.

Enjoying some warm weather.

Addison is really into coloring a lot lately.  She could sit for hours to color.  She is very good at it and always does detailed and colorful drawings.

Grammy got Addie a UofL Cards shirt.  She asked for one for a long time.  I joked she needs to put some Butler pants with it.  Put your Ls up!
Our dear friend Kelly moved to NYC on May 1.  She is like another family member to us and Addie says she is her best friend.  Kelly was our nanny the first summer when Addison was a baby so they have always had a special bond.  We enjoyed one last night together with her.  Farewell cards, silly faces, s'mores, bedtime stories and more.  We love and miss you, Kel.  Looking forward to more FaceTime dates.

I sometimes have a hard time keeping up working full-time, working with Jeremy owning his business, keeping up with the house, being a friend, being a mother and more, but when I look back at these "snapshots" it makes me realize that even though we don't always get to do bigger outings sometimes all of the small things add up to great moments and memories. Here's to more small things/snapshots.
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