Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Florida pics

The Thursday evening we had dinner out and then went to the Destin Harbor Walk. I really like the Harbor Walk.  People walk about to see boats, there is a lot of live music, fun stuff for kids, etc. On Thursdays they have fireworks at night over the harbor.  It was a great night!

 Silly girl!

Addie's lobster impression.

We met Captain Jack on the harbor last year and he was back in the same place making balloon animals.  Kate was a little hesitant at first, but she managed to still pose for a picture with the "real live pirate".

There were a lot of these cut-out paintings.  Kate loved them.  Look at her expression! 

The girls got ice cream while the parents got drinks. :)

Girl loves her some ice cream.

The girls got glittery face paint.  Shew, was it sparkly and bright!

There is that squinchy face grin again.


Mamaw and Papaw had us pose with the tropical birds.  Both girls did really well.

Finally time for the fireworks.  

It was an awesome night with our family!  Kate was "talking" about the fireworks a lot the next day.  She kept saying, "Firework!  Boom, boom!"
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