Monday, September 9, 2013

Final Florida post

Our final day in Florida started with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  It is a family tradition.  And probably is one of THE favorite parts of vacation for Addie.  She loves getting to eat chocolate doughnuts for breakfast.


Before we headed out to the beach Jeremy and Addie had fun catching lizards.  Those little things are so fast, but I guess Jeremy and Addie are ninjas and were faster than them. :)

Since it was our last day in Florida we really took advantage of the pool and beach.  We didn't even come up for lunch just brought everything down to the beach.  It was a great day to just hang out with each other.


This was absolutely precious.  Kate fell asleep on Alex. Kate loved having Alex around the whole week.

There was a guy with an icecream/popsicle boat that would come down the beach everyday.  We got some popsicles and both girls ended up crying because they were melting faster then they could eat them. Ha!

That evening just the four of us went out to eat for dinner.  We went to a restaurant on the beach and hung out for a bit while we waited on our food.  Look at this wind-blown look. 

I tried to get one final picture with the two girls together.  This is how it ended up.

Talk about diva!

Kate and Uncle Dave were playing a little game on the patio that night.  She kept running to him for him to throw her.  Love her expressions here!

The final night there was a beautiful sunset and a small rainbow coming out of the ocean.  So beautiful!

Love both of my girls!

Before packing up we did a final night of crab hunting. 

And this is a picture of the first day I was there.  Kate fell asleep on me.  It is like she knew I needed that after a crazy month prior and being away from the family so much.  I hope to always remember this memory.  A great final picture from our wonderful vacation.  Pure bliss!


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