Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Florida: rewind

I will get these Florida pictures and move on to some other posts. I will! I had forgotten that I had downloaded some pictures from Annette's camera on Jeremy's computer when we were there so I wanted to put them up.  A bit of a rewind from the other posts.  Most of the pictures are from before I got to Florida.

Papaw and Mamaw's tradition is to stop at a certain exit in Alabama to take a picture of them pretending to hold the peach from the water tower.  Jeremy and the girls joined them with their tradition this time.

Game of checkers before eating lunch. 

And they finally made it to the beach!  They went immediately looking for crabs and seashells.  They used bags Aunt Tiffany made for them.

And apparently my children were in their pajamas all morning, day and night. Ha!

Dinner the next day...


I think this is a great picture of Jeremy.   Cutie hubby!  Hee hee.

Great picture of Annette and John.

The night we went to ride go-carts Kate wanted to ride them too, but since she was too little she opted for the carousel instead.  Well, it wasn't as great as she thought it would be.  She cried the entire time!  And I laughed.  Such a mean mom.

Waiting in line for go-carts.

The girls loved going hunting for crabs at night.  They both still talk about it.  Addie would pinch them with her fingers and scoop them right up.  Teenagers were walking by with nets for the crabs and then would be surprised to see this 5-year-old girl using just her hands.  Love it!

S'mores after we grilled out.  I think everyone enjoyed them.

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