Tuesday, November 5, 2013

End of September

Jeremy was sick one weekend so I took the girls to Henry's Ark in Prospect.  I actually had never taken the girls out there before.  It is an exotic animal farm and the best part is...it's free!  We had fun looking at the buffalo, llamas, turkeys, roosters and more.

Jeremy and Addison camped out in the backyard one night.  Kate joined in for the fun for a little bit, but eventually Kate and I came inside.  Jeremy said Addie was asleep in 10 minutes!  Guess we need to do that more often since she went to bed so well.  Next time is real camping.  Addie loved camping and was so excited to finally sleep in the tent!

Our church does a Children's Sunday where all children do all parts of the service. Addie sang in the beginning of the service.  I was able to snap this photo of the girls quietly watching the children's handbell choir.  So sweet!

Oh, and then this happened.  Yep, Addie cut her own hair.  I know most kids do this, but I was surprised at the age of 5.  Look at that beautiful curl!  And this isn't even all of it.  We found hair in the bathroom for 2 days.  So, when you see pictures of her in the coming months and she looks different because she has some short bangs, now you know.  This was a time when I wish I had a parent manual so I knew the appropriate punishment for the offense. Ha!

I finished my work with The Kentucky Center/GSA on a Thursday and I was a hot mess!  I LOVED the people I worked with, really enjoyed my job and practically grew up there so it was a day full of many emotions.  I knew it was the right move and the right timing.  I got one day off in between jobs.  Woo hoo!  I would have loved something like two weeks between, but it just couldn't happen that way.  That Friday Kelly was in town from NYC so we went to Wild Eggs for breakfast and mimomas to celebrate new jobs for the both of us.  Yum!

Our next stop was to see the house Jeremy built.  That day he turned the keys over to the owners and they moved their stuff in.  I am soooo proud of him!  He worked with the owners on the design and built the home.  He is one of the most driven people I have ever met in my life, which is clearly needed to own a business, especially in this industry.  He is so talented, has very high expectations, is a strong communicator and really enjoys the work (well, most days).  I hope to post more pictures soon of the inside of the home.  Here is a before and after picture.  Stunning!  What an accomplishment!

Kelly and I's final stop was to surprise Addie at school for the lunch.  I figured it was one of the only times I could do it since I can't take much time off with starting a new job.  She was surprised to see us and I loved seeing her in her element.  Mrs. Mercker (our friend, Kim) let us hang around for recess, too. 

And then I started my new job the last week of September.  I am the sole admissions counselor for the University of Louisville School of Music working with undergraduate, graduate and international applicants.  I will also do some academic advising and help work on retention issues, which means helping students get back on track after struggling with classes.  After a meeting with the main Admissions Office I came back with a bunch of UofL swag.  I felt official!

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