Friday, September 19, 2008

We've got we can catch you up

Our electricity came on this morning at 6:15 a.m.!!! We were so excited! There are still a little less than 100,000 people in Louisville without power. It was a fun adventure, but we were ready to have our power back. Jeremy can have his coffee, I can dry my hair and we can actually cook and have ice in our drinks. It's the little things...:)

Last week our friends Tracy and Blake had their baby girl, Alena Marie. Addie has a new friend to play with in town. :) We are sooo happy for them!

Last Sunday we went to Jeremy's cousin's son's (did you get that?) one-year-old birthday party. It was on a farm in Shelby County. It was nice to get in the fall mood with pumpkins, mums and apples. We got some cute pictures and a video. Addie rode her first pony (she had some help from her Papaw). Unfortunately Hurricane Ike came through with all the wind so the party ended early.

Have a great weekend! We are enjoying this beautiful weather!


Happy fall!


At the petting zoo with Papaw John (see the clouds behind them a.k.a. windstorm!)


Little piggy


Riding the pony


The next morning after our power went out Jeremy was missing his morning coffee. He had leftover coffee from the day before. He put the coffee in a bowl in the sink, put two pieces of wood on the bottom of the sink to raise the bowl and then put tea lights under it to heat the coffee. Obsessed much?


Chillin' in her cute adidas outfit

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