Thursday, September 4, 2008

6 months old and labor day weekend

Addie is now over 6 months old! It is so hard to believe (and I know I say that every time another month passes). She is definitely quite the wiggle worm! She reaches for absolutely everything. It is so fun to watch her explore new things. She did well at her appt. She is still in the 75% for height but in 40% for weight. Dr. Nick said that isn't too uncommon since she is becoming more active.

Addison has done really well at her daycare. We are really happy with the way things have turned out at Shashi's. She gets lots of attention, lovin' and exercise while she is there and they have her on a great routine. We are so pleased.

Our friends Ashley and Bryan had their triplets while we were in Florida!!! Madeline Rose, Harry Owen and Olivia Ann were born on Tuesday, August 19. They were very premature but weighed a lot for triplets and for how early they were. The triplets will be in the NICU for quite some time. They are not out of the woods, but are definitely doing well. We can't meet them! Say prayers for their family!

We went to the lake this past weekend. Anthony and Jenny bought Randy and Betty's boat and Randy and Betty bought a different boat. It was so nice to spend time as a family. Addie's cousins Alex and Kameryn are always so good with her and I know her Uncle Dave and Aunt Tiffany love playing with her. Addie is such the social butterfly. She did really well on the boat but sometimes she didn't want to nap because she knew she was missing out on the action. I think she can blame both her mom and dad for that one. :)

We returned home on Monday to go to a Labor Day picnic at my grandmother's retirement home. My parents were there too. We don't get to see them much so it was so nice to spend a few hours with them. Addison did really well despite the heat. Isn't that what Labor Day is all about? Being off work to sweat in the hot sun?

Lots of pictures below. Have a fabulous weekend!


At church with a cute dress and hat. Thanks Audrey & Ryan!


Addie now smiles at that camera. Before she would just look at us funny when we put the camera up to our eyes. Sometimes the flash still gets her.


Playing in the baby pool on top of the houseboat


Taking a bath in the sink on the houseboat


Labor Day picnic...with a large hat on :)


Finally spending time with Grammy parents were virgins but did pretty well for their first time!


Checking out the chickens at the petting zoo


With Grandma Great

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