Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let there be light!

Not for sure if you have heard about Louisville's wind storm or not. Ike made its way to Kentucky! On Sunday we had wind gusts up to 80 MPH almost registered as a hurricane level 1 but without rain! About 65% of Louisville was without power. Unfortunately we were one of those. LG&E has said it could take up to 10-14 days to have everything back to normal. It is crazy around here! Stoplights are out, restaurants and grocery stores have lost power and gas stations with gas are hard to find. We think we won't get power on for a while because a few streets down has electricity. We lost several shingles in the storm and branches. And to top it all off someone got into our Volvo on Sunday (we were stupid and had the doors unlocked, but still!)! We don't think anything was stolen. We are counting our blessings because things could have been a lot worse for us. I know there are people in other areas of the country in bad shape. Trees and power lines have fallen on people's cars and houses. The biggest blessing is how beautiful the weather has been! If this would have happened in very cold or hot weather things could have been way worse.

Sunday night we stayed at the house by candlelight. Kinda nice actually. The only problem is I have been miserable ever since because of my allergies. Sleeping with the windows open and all the dust the storm created has made my allergies kick in! Monday night and tonight we have stayed at Jeremy's mom's house. She has power and has made us dinner. Addie's daycare didn't have power on Monday. Luckily Betty's didn't either so she watched Addie for us. Both Jeremy's work and my work did have power, of course...we both work downtown. Addie's daycare was back to normal today, thankfully.

It has been quite an adventure! We just pray this won't last another week. We'll keep you updated. Don't have too much sympathy for us because today Jeremy went with his dad to the PGA Ryder Cup (America vs. Europe)! It's in Louisville for the week. Yeah, he was in heaven!

I'll try to post more pictures soon once our lives are back to normal. Until then enjoy the cute pictures from the park below.

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