Thursday, September 3, 2009

18 months

Addison Grace turned 18 months old last Tuesday. At her doctor's appointment she was 20.8 lbs. (10.25%) and 30 1/2 inches (50%). These last 6 months flew by and I know the next 6 months will too!

Addie is ALL toddler and I mean that in every good and bad way. She loves to laugh, dance and sing! Some of her favorites to dance and sing to are "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes". You have seen her pictures of her talking on the phone before so you have seen the evidence of our little talker. She says too many words now to really count and I know the next 6 months her language skills will really develop. She also repeats (or tries to repeat) anything we ask her to say and don't say. Yep, we now need to watch what we say around her because she will try to repeat it. :) Addie is a lover! Every morning when we drop her off at daycare she gives Jeremy a big hug, a kiss and says "bye daddy" while I take her inside. It melts our hearts! Addie loves to organize things taking items out of the drawer, lining them up and them putting them back in the drawer. She loves to read and learn! She loves to play dress up, too. In the mornings while we are getting ready for work you can often find her in our bedroom trying to put on our shoes, my jewelry and our clothes. She has always been one happy, little girl.

Addie is also independent (or at least she thinks she is sometimes). One of her favorite words is "mine", unfortunately. She is VERY strong willed and will whine, cry or throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat when she doesn't get her way. Addie also is impatient and gets frustrated easily. We joke and say she has OCD tendencies. She has a set of flashcards and gets frustrated when they don't line up nice in a stack. She'll bring them to one of us to put them in a neat stack, she'll clap when we are fixing them and then smile when we hand them back. She also does the same type of things with plastic baby spoons. Weird, I know. Addie also gets frustrated when our clothes or shoes don't fit her correctly and won't stay on.

We have had a wonderful 18 months and love seeing ALL the parts of Addie's personality. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know our little Addie-tude better (as our friend, Brooke, would say).

I'll post more pictures soon of our busy weekend. We're heading to Lake Cumberland with Jeremy's family for the weekend. Enjoy the long weekend!

Addie loves to color and be outside...

...has a sweet tooth...

...loves to play dress up... a messy eater... all smiles...

...and a dancin' queen!

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Kel said...

oh my gosh. babygirl just busted a move to sean kingston. hahaha. her and i need to have a date asap!! love it! love you guys!