Monday, May 3, 2010

All about Addie--2 year (and then some) update

I thought I would update you (and really me since this blog kinda serves as a scrapbook/reference point/etc.) about little Miss Addie since I didn't ever do it when she turned two.

At her two year appt. she weighed 24 lbs. 3 oz. (25%) and was 34.5 inches tall (40%). She actually jumped in the percentile from 10% to 25% in weight for the first time in a while, but she is still our little peanut.

Some of her favorite things include:
All things related to "baby" (rocking, walking her in the stroller, feeding her, etc.). And over the past few weeks "baby" finally has a name...Paula. We have no clue where she picked up this name because we don't know any Paulas. At daycare they did say one of the nannies to one of the kids is named Paula. Too funny.

Loves to sing! Her favorites include Wheels on the Bus, Happy Birthday (like I said before she sings this daily), the Elmo song (the intro to Elmo's World), ABC's (I'll post a video of her singing this soon), Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. She now really wants to sing songs by herself and doesn't want me to sing with her. She wants a solo. Ha! Lately when we leave church she doesn't want to leave because she says "I wanna sing!"

Loves to be outdoors! She loves to play with bubbles, play on the playground, take walks, etc.

Loves to play "sleepy"! Whether it is Sadie, her baby, Jeremy or I she wants us to lay flat, she then lays the blanket over us, pats our backs and says "shhhhh".

Loves to color!

Loves to talk about animals! She lists all the animals she "likes"..."I like turtles. I like birds. I like doggies..." and so on.

Loves to read!

Loves to play on the piano and to dance!

She loves to learn! It is amazing to see her develop everyday. She talks so much! Yesterday it was non-stop. You can't always understand her, but we get the point. Who knows how many words she can say? She can count to ten in English and almost to 20 (sometimes missing a few). She can count to ten in Spanish (and knows a few other numbers) and knows several Spanish words. She has a Spanish teacher at her daycare that she really likes. She knows lots of colors and shapes.

Some challenges:
Just like any two-year-old she has got a whole other side to her that can be quite challenging! I don't always blog about this. She isn't sweet and cute all the time...imagine that! :)

She throws some really good tantrums! It is not funny at the time, but man, she can be so dramatic.

She has been hitting us lately and throwing things. She was put in "quiet time" three times in a row during lunch on Sunday because she kept throwing her food.

She has such a desire for independence and such a strong-will! We are trying to give her choices like giving her a couple of outfits to choose from to wear, letting her put her shoes on by herself, etc. I think this helps a little with her having some independence, but it definitely teaches us patience!

She has become a picky-eater! She ate anything when she was a baby and into her second year of life and now it is hard to know what to expect. She will like one thing one day and the next not even touch it. She loves carbs and sweets, but of course that is not all that she is getting. We get many tears at the dinner table at our house. Ugh.

We're still potty-training! Since she started using the potty in October at 20-months-old I thought she would be trained by now. Just like other things in life, things don't always go as planned or the way you expected them to go. She is still doing really well! She basically uses the potty all day at daycare, but isn't always consistent at home. We tried letting her be in her underwear all day at daycare for a couple of days, but she wasn't ready because she didn't always tell them in time she needed to go and had lots of accidents. One day at daycare she did go all day in her underwear, but then the next morning she didn't want to go at the house. Ugh. She did go to church the other evening with underwear on so we are making progress. I know that she is still young and it will happen when she is ready, but can still be frustrating. Enough of that!

Although some days can be quite challenging, we LOVE this girl so much and LOVE being parents! Below are random pictures throughout the past couple of months that I haven't posted yet.

Silly girl or diva? You decide. Eating cereal with her sunglasses on.

Don't worry, she is not all girl. Addie likes to go out in the garage/Jeremy's shop to work with daddy. A future little carpenter on our hands...

Monkey see, monkey do...This was before the park one day where she had to have a purse and sunglasses on her head, just like mom.

Here is Addie on Palm Sunday with her palms

We went to Sesame Street Live. I got free tickets through my work. Addie loved it!

Addie dancing along...

We sat with Emma, Peter and Heather at the show and then went to dinner together afterwards. These girls LOVE each other!

We visited my grandmother after church one Sunday. It is hard to entertain a two-year old in a formal dining room, that is for sure!

A couple of weekends ago we went out to Jeremy's dad and stepmom's house for the evening. They have a lot of land. We played outside, went fishing for a little bit, rode 4-wheelers, checked out the cows, etc. Nothing like the country. :) Here is Jeremy showing Layton how to use a fishing pole.

Fishing with dad. Addie was more interested in all of the frogs and pouring out the dirt and worms from the container. She cried when we left the pond because she didn't want to leave.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about our girl. Have a great week!


BandBbaby said...

Oh Miss Addie you are so cute!!! I love the pciture of her getting ready for the park.

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

I love how her personality comes out in her pictures!!