Friday, August 19, 2011

First week home

I'm trying to catch up on posts and photos. It's been quite a crazy week for us (more to come).

We have had lots of visitors over the past few weeks. Below are a few pics of some from the hospital.

Jeremy's mom, Betty, and Randy soon after delivery

Addie got a princess sleeping bag for being a big sister. She loves anything to do with Disney princesses! It has already come in handy! Addie's room is also the guest room now so my mom stayed in her room and she slept in her sleeping bag.

My parents came in town for a couple of hours to meet their new granddaughter.
Tara and her boys were in Tell City and came to the hospital for a quick visit on their way back home. Brady loves babies!

Kelly came to meet Kate. Kelly helped us out by coming to our house at 3:00 a.m. when we to the hospital (second time). She was there in the morning to hang out with Addie and get her to daycare. Kelly said Addie was super excited to hear that her baby sister was coming. Addie wore her Big Sister shirt to daycare, brought her babydoll for practice and told everyone "My baby is popping out today!" :) Thanks for all of your help, Kelly!

The first week home went really well. My mom came in for the week and our Sunday School class brought meals every other day. My recovery was still going well and Kate was doing well with feedings and sleep. Addie adjusted well, except for us dealing with the typical 3-year-old girl tantrums, attitude, talking back, emotions and not listening! Ha!

I love baby feet!

It has been sooooo nice to get out of the house in warmer weather (compared to Addie being born in February). Here is Kate's first walk. Her hair looks red when she is outside. We'll see what it ends up looking like and if it will be curly.

Hanging outside on a nice evening

Love this photo!

And I had to get one of her crying...:)

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Lauren H. said...

She is beautiful - even when she's crying :)