Monday, August 8, 2011


When we found out that we were expecting our second girl, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed. Jeremy actually handled the news better than I did. My mind immediately went to two hormonal teenage girls under the same roof. I think some of my feelings related to Addie's personality that can be so strong-willed, independent, sensitive and emotional. (One of her daycare workers says that her personality is "all girl".) I don't know why our minds like to jump ahead years and years from the present.

After the initial shock wore off and the news settled in I really got excited to have two girls. I was excited that we would have the same gender so they would play well together (hopefully!) and would probably be into similar things. Of course practically it was great since we could reuse so many items. But I was most excited that our kids would be SISTERS! I think every girl that doesn't have a sister grows up always wanting one. There is such a special bond with siblings, but you can definitely see that with sisters. I'm so excited to watch them grow up and witness their love for each other. Pictures below of two sisters and the beginning of their bond!

This one melts my heart and a picture I will remember for a long time!

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