Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend update

The first weekend of August we went to Randy's daughter's wedding party. Jennifer and Chris got married in early July in a small ceremony and had a party in August to celebrate. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to go as well. Kate was not even two weeks old so we kept her in the car seat almost the entire time so strangers wouldn't touch her. :) It was a fun evening!

Love this photo of our peanut

Cutting a rug!

So cute! Abigail loved dancing!

Addie LOVES Abigail!

On Sunday we went to church. It felt great to be at church and see so many people. Once again Kate didn't get passed around, but everyone loved seeing her.

After church the Klines came over from Evansville to visit. It was so nice to spend time with them! We don't seem them enough. Brooke is pregnant with a baby boy due in October and she looks fabulous! Here Garrett is practicing holding a little baby.

Look at these two...

Addie and Garrett played outside. Garrett didn't seem to mind the pink princess car too much. :)

I think this photo should be in Garrett's wedding video. Ha! What do you think, Brooke?

When did she get so big?

That evening we gave Kate her first real bath. Addie loves to help out with bathtime.

That Sunday, August 7th, we celebrated 7 years of marriage. We didn't get to do much of anything to celebrate, but I think both of us were very content spending time with our new family of four! When I married Jeremy I knew I was marrying my best friend and hoped we would get to have children together. I did not know what an incredible father he would be (I once again hoped so) at that time! I have had many people over the years tell me just from observing him they can tell he is a great dad. I couldn't agree more. I am blessed to call him my husband! To many more years...

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