Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kate's dedication

On Sunday, October 2, we dedicated Kate to our church.  My parents came in town, both sets of Jeremy's parents were there and as well as David, Carrie and the boys. Kate was great!  She was really alert while Leigh, our minister, walked her down the aisle to meet the congregation.  After the service everyone came to our house for a brunch to celebrate. 

Kate's arm got stuck on Leigh's mic cord.  He joked that she already had something she wanted to say. :)
They presented us with a certificate, cradle cross and a rose.  They stuck another rose in for the big sister.  Too sweet.

Dawson acting silly at the brunch.

Later on that afternoon we went to Cherokee park while my parents were still in town along with David, Carrie and the boys.  As you can tell, it was gorgeous fall weather and we enjoyed our time together.

It was actually my final day of my maternity leave.  The whole day I definitely had mixed emotions.  It was hard going back to work and I was so sad that my time off was over.  That morning my colleagues had flowers, party hats and noise blowers when I entered the office so I definitely felt like I was missed.  Leaving my girls was tough and still is each morning!

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