Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

A few weekends ago we went to West Virginia to my aunt and uncle's lake house. We left on Friday and came back Monday afternoon. It was nice to only do 4 workdays for two weeks coming right back to work off my maternity leave.  David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson arrived late Friday night along with my cousin Bill and his fiance, Lauren.  The weather was amazing and the scenery was of the many reasons I love fall!  We fished, took walks, played at the local playground, got in the paddleboat & canoe, made s'mores, ate Jeremy's ribs & chicken, played games and just relaxed.  The kids had a blast!  Unfortunately Kate's reflux was acting up and she was a little too overstimulated with all the people so she was fussy and wanted me to hold her often.  I hung out on the back porch a lot with her, but it was still nice to relax with the beautiful scenery.  It was our first trip to their lakehouse and I am sure not the last!  Thanks Aunt Cathy and Uncle Phil!

(Sorry, the format is messing up.)

On our walk I took this picture.  Enough said about the scenery, huh?

Kate enjoyed walks like this...

 The private lake had an area with a playground, dock, some sand, slides and a diving board.  The water was really cold, but come Sunday people got more adventurous.  This would be a great place to swim in the summer!

The kids playing at the "beach".  Yes, my kid can't keep clothes up because her tush is too little. :)

Jeremy took Dylan out on the canoe while the younger ones took a nap.

This is the view from their dock.  I think I would live on the dock if I could!

Addie showing off her worms

I love Addie's face in this picture.  She looks so surprised that she caught a fish!

Kate smiling and cooing at Carrie.

Love these pictures of Addie fishing.  She fishes at Lake Cumberland a lot, but Dylan had never been fishing before.  They both had fun!

Jeremy had to be a daredevil and go down the slide.  Soon all of the adult men turned into little boys and they all had to get in.  :)  It didn't last long because it was so cold!

Dylan jumped in too, but immediately swam for the ladder because of the cold.

Addie and Dylan playing in the water...such joy!

Lauren and Bill are getting married next May.  Dylan and Dawson are ring bearers and Addie is the flower girl.  Lauren made them cute t-shirts.  The boys' shirts say, "Ring Security".  Addie's says, "Flower girl" in rhinestones (even though you can't see it).  Kate's says, "My big sis is the flower girl" (so she wouldn't feel left out. Ha!).  Clearly, Kate was having a meltdown.  A little too much chaos for her!

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