Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two months old

I can't believe Kate turned two months old last week!  At her check-up she weighed 10 lbs and was 22 inches.  She is still smaller than her sister was at this age.  In early September I took Kate into the doctor because she was really congested.  The doctor said to just give her some benadryl and to suction her nose among other things.  I saw her normal doctor at her 2 month check-up and he thought she sounded pretty bad.  Made me feel like "Mom of the Year" even though I had taken her a week or so before.  He tested her for RSV, but thankfully it was negative.  He put her on an antibiotic.  Unfortunately she started a fever that evening.  Poor thing!  The thing about this all is that Kate still was really mild-mannered.  I would be taking her temperature and she would just be smiling at me.  I think she is finally doing better except for her acid reflux.  It still really bothers her, especially in the evening.  Her "witching" hour is right around 8:00, but I think some of it is attributed to her acid reflux.  She really only cries when she is tired or when her acid reflux is acting up.

Once Kate got healthy she was sleeping through the night!  Hooray!  We put her in bed around 9:30 and she'll sleep until about 7:00.  I have been blessed with another great sleeper...crossing fingers!

Kate is so observant when she is awake.  She loves just taking in the world.  And she definitely follows Addie everywhere with her eyes/head.  I have to get her on video "talking" to us.  I forgot how much I loved those baby sounds.  Too cute. And speaking of cute baby noises, Kate makes the funniest noises when she sleeps.  She practically squeals sometimes when she is dead asleep.  It's pretty funny.

I have lots to update on, but wanted to get this up.  I started back at work on Monday and I am definitely very tired.  I know I will get used to it.  We're heading to my aunt and uncle's lakehouse in WV this weekend and I am ready to relax!   Here are pictures of Kate at exactly two months old.  She is so sweet!  We love her so much!

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The Hughes Family said...

She is so sweet. At first I see so much of Jeremy, and then I see so much of Laura in her!