Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pageant and Party

In mid-December our church always does a Christmas pageant where kids of all ages are dressed as different people/animals while scripture is read and songs are sung about the birth of Jesus. It's always a very cute morning. Addie and the rest of the 2-4 year olds were stars.

Too sweet!

Our daycare party was actually at our church this year.  For two weeks in December I would go a little late into work and teach the preschoolers Christmas/Holiday songs.  It was a trip!  It was a great way to start a morning.  The children sang first before dinner and presents.  I am upfront on the floor leading the children through the songs while Jeremy tried taking a picture.  This cracks me up with all of the parents with their cameras.

Santa came for a visit after dinner and helped distribute the gift exchange presents.  Addie is excited for her name to finally be called.

Emma, one of her best friends, actually had Addie's name in the gift exchange.  Emma got "Add" (as Emma calls her) a leotard.  Addie will be starting ballet in a couple of weeks and will actually be joining Emma's class.  She is VERY excited!  So much so that now that it is January she asks about 3-5 times a day if ballet is today. 

Emma and Addie showing off their presents.

Kate was there too, of course.  She got a book and a toy and then took a little nap.  Ha!  Here they are with Santa.

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