Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 1-3

Yes, I'm still trying to put up posts on here related to Christmas. It was a whirlwind!

We had 3 family Christmas celebrations the weekend before Christmas.  Christmas #1 was on Saturday at David and Carrie's house with my mom's extended family.  My aunt and uncle, cousin and his fiance came in town along with other relatives.  It was the first Christmas without my grandmother and her presence was definitely missed!

A few of us...

We draw names within the extended family.  My cousin got me a Butler snuggie!

My brother got this hat.  He's probably not impressed that I put this on here.  Sorry, bro, had to.

From David and Carrie's we went to Jeremy's mom's house to do their Christmas.  We left our house at noon on Saturday and didn't get back until midnight from the two celebrations. We do a white elephant/dirty Santa gift exchange and it is always hilarious!

Here's Anthony and Layton with some of Layton's new work tools

Addie got princess dress-up stuff and was in heaven!

Kameryn loves Michael Jackson and got a hat, wig, glove and glasses to look like him. 

The next day we celebrated Christmas with Jeremy's dad for the third celebration of the weekend.

Layton dressing like Rudolph.

Our little angel...IF ONLY!  The month of December is always the worst behavior out of this cute girl! 

Abigail didn't care for her hat/headband. :)

Kami loves babies!

Papaw always reads "The Night before Christmas" before opening presents. I think Addie paid the most attention and told Papaw to read it again,.

Kate hanging out in the exersaucer.  She loves playing in this now.

Alex and Addie checking out Addie's Ariel microphone.  Why are toys these days so loud????

Layton got a Spiderman bike from Papaw and Mamaw!

Aunt Tiffany loving on Kate since she doesn't get to see her too much.

And then we crashed.  And then we woke up the next day to go to work.  And I was not bitter about it.  :)

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