Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bunco cruise!

It's hard to believe one month ago I was getting off of a cruise boat!  I want to go back!  I went on a 4 night, 3 day cruise with 9 women from Jeremy's dad's side of the family. 

A little background...Jeremy's grandmother passed away a couple of years ago.  She LOVED playing games, cards and bunco.  A year later most of the women in the family decided to start a bunco group in her honor.  It has been a lot of fun getting the group together monthly.  Jeremy's great aunt Sharon loves to cruise.  She has been on almost 60 cruises!  She was planning a retirement cruise (although she hasn't completely retired yet) and wanted the bunco ladies to join her.  Before we knew it 10 of us were headed on a cruise to the Bahamas the first week of February!  Several of us had never been on a cruise before.  It was a blast!  If you know these women you know that we did A LOT of laughing!  I didn't take my nice camera because I didn't want to keep up with it on a busy ship.  Enjoy the pics and updates.

Here are the 10 of us at the airport...spray tans and all!  Ha!  (Me, Jeremy's stepmom, sister-in-law, 3 cousins, 3 aunts and great aunt)
We flew to Miami on Sunday and boarded the ship on Monday.  Nothing like getting on a cruise ship, grabbing a fruity drink in the sun and hearing a live band all on a Monday afternoon in February!  Here I am with Jenny and Annette at the pool deck.  I still was in awe most of the week over the fact that such a big ship could float.  And then there is Jeremy, "Come on, Laura, it's simple physics.  It's called buoyancy."  Doesn't it baffle some of you?  Please say it does.  :)

Setting sail from Miami.  Clearly it was windy.  Actually it was pretty windy for most of the trip.

 After the muster drill (yes, everyone took it very seriously as you can imagine) a few of us headed down to the fitness center and spa because they were doing giveaways and you have to be present to win.  We walked in when they started calling names and guess whose name got drawn?  ME!!!  I won a $125 gift certificate to the spa.  I had to dance after my name was called.  And if you know me, that was not a problem!  I was stoked and cut a rug to some "Walk this Way"!  I had a hot stone massage the next morning and it was heaven.  After dinner, kareoke and dancing that night we headed to bed and woke up in Nassau, Bahamas.  We did some shopping in the Bahamas and headed to Senor Frogs for some food and fun.  Not all pictures will be posted on this here blog.  I don't think some people would be happy.  Ha! :)

One of my favorite things at Senor Frogs...Guacomole Boy!  Fresh guac made right at the table.

 Vicki, Jenny and I posing with the frog and cracking up!

That night was formal night.  It is true what you hear about cruises...all you do is eat!  The food was very good.  Here I am with Jen and Jenny (or also called "the J and J show" Ha!), 2 out of 3 of my roommates. Can you imagine 4 girls getting ready in a room the size of a closet?  Kinda reminded me of my DG days, but worse.  It was quite comical.

Jen, Jamie, Jenny and Me

The next day we were at CocoCay, Bahamas.  It is Royal Caribbean's private island.  It was my favorite day of the trip because the weather was beautiful and it was a very low-key day.  Cruise vacations are very busy and this day was a chance to just layout on the beach.  That morning I did yoga on the beach too.  Talk about a way to start a day!

The three sisters (Jeremy's aunts) were posing in the ocean and Ashley and Jamie tried to push them down in the water.  I got a good action shot.  Ha!

A picture of the ship from the island.

The final full day of the cruise was in Key West, Florida.  I LOVED the city!  It made me want to go back for a longer visit.  The gardens/flowers were gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, the people were very friendly and the city was so quaint.  A lot of us took a ghosts and legends tour.  It was pretty cool, although our tour guide was very long winded.  After the tours we went to "Sloppy Joe's Bar" for lunch, home of the original Sloppy Joe and where Hemingway hung out a lot.  We then did some shopping and ate lots of Key Lime Pie. 

Pretty cool sign!

This bar is owned by Kelly McGillis,the girl from Top Gun

And here is Jimmy Buffet's first home...Ashley & Bryan, this pic is for you!

And apparently Kenny Chesney owns this home.

We didn't make it to the southern most point of Florida (we had to get back to the ship), but we did take a picture of mile marker 0 of A1A. With Kathy and Jamie...

It was a great trip, busy, but great!  After going on my first cruise there are some things I would do differently. It was a wonderful break from home/work life and something I definitely needed.  I couldn't have gone on this trip without Jeremy's support.  He took care of the girls all week while I was hopping from island to island.  He is such a great husband and father!  Hopefully this isn't our last trip together as a group because we had lots of fun.

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What a wonderful trip! It looks so fun and beautiful! Glad you had a great time!