Monday, May 28, 2012

Kate turns 9 months old

So I'm a little behind (ok, a whole month behind since Kate turned 10 months today), but I wanted to do a post on Kate at 9 months.

A week before Kate turned 9 months we switched pediatricians after months of Kate having the same symptoms (always raspy, chest congestion, chronic cough) and it never getting better.  I love the doctor that the girls see at well checks, but when they are sick we rarely get him and get a number of different doctors at the practice.  We finally decided maybe it would be good to get a second opinion.  We are now going to where my niece and nephew go at a practice where there is only one doctor.  Dr. Russell immediately heard Kate's cough and listened to her chest, started asking a ton of questions and diagnosed it with her still having reflux.  She also had two bad ear infections.  Kate took medicine for reflux up until December when we thought she was doing better and didn't need it anymore.  Now that she is back on the reflux medicine she is sooo much better!  She never was fussy with the symptoms, but I am sure she feels better after the way she sounded.  We know Kate is feeling better because when I took her back in to get her ears checked (took a month for the infection to go away) she had gained a pound in two weeks!  That was just a week ago so she obviously looks very different than in the pictures below.  I am glad I went with my gut on this one and decided it was best to switch doctors (and lots of thanks to my sister-in-law, Jenny, who I call on a lot since she is a nurse).  I love the doctor and the practice so far!  Hooray for good health!

Fun facts about Kate:
  • She weighed 16 lbs 14 oz (25%) and was 27.7" (48%).
  • Started crawling right before 9 months (April 20th).  And now is into EVERYTHING and is super fast! (And no, she doesn't do the three-legged scoot like her sister. Ha!)
  • Cut her first tooth right before 9 months.  So crazy it was so late!  We thought it was coming in for months.  She now is working on her 3rd tooth.
  • This girl can put away some food!!!  Although she is a petite girl, she has a big appetite!  At daycare a couple of the teachers said, "She eats a lot!  We just have to cut her off." Ha!  And Randy helped watch her one day for us when she was sick and he called Jeremy saying, "Hey, how much does she eat?  She just keeps eating!"  Kate loves any meat, carbs (unfortunately she gets that from her mom), fruit (loves blueberries!), black beans, green beans and peas.  Once we moved her to table food she was done with baby food by 8 months or so.
  • She learned to clap and does it a lot, especially when she dances.
  • She still gives great hugs!  She really squeezes you, especially when you get her out of her crib.
  • She loves to be outside, take wagon rides and explore the house now that she is on the move.
  • She still adores her big sister!
  • And is the sweetest little thing with the cutest cheeks! :)
A couple of pics right around 9 months...

I haven't been good about putting many videos of Kate on the blog.  Here are some from Feb-April:
1.) Dancing on the couch with dad
2.) Trying to crawl (with a helper in the background)
3.) Dance party in her bedroom (and she would only clap at the time when the band Rush was playing.  Don't get me started on that band.  One of Jeremy's favorites and one I don't care for at all!)
4.) First day of crawling.  I already posted this, but in the video format it doesn't always show up.

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