Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo catch up

I have lots to update on here.  Lots to come soon.  We've been pretty busy and I have had to work a lot so I haven't blogged as much as I like to.  In the meantime enjoy some random photos from February thru April.  I was going through my pictures and came across all of these that I never posted.

Love this picture of Kate and her cheeks!  She looks like a little doll. :)  She was getting ready to doze off.  She already looks so different!

We hardly had any snow this year, but one day Jeremy and Addie managed to make this itty snowman.  That is a large flower pot behind it to give you a sense of scale. (Hey...look at me...I sound like my husband talking. Ha!)

I LOVE spring flowers...tulips are my favorite!  Everything bloomed in March this year.  So crazy.  Here are some of the crocus we have in the front.

Little peanut!  Looking at this makes me realize how much she has grown in about 1 1/2 months. Sniff, sniff.

I was off on a Monday (after working all weekend) in March so I took Addie, Kate and Layton to the zoo.  With all three I still managed to pack lunches, not lose a child (during spring break time with lots of people there) AND take a photo to document it.  Ha! :)

Addie NEVER gets sick of her tree swing Jeremy made her a long time ago.

This is blurry because she was swinging so fast. It was worth posting anyway just to see this face! 

Crazy, I'm in a picture with one of my girls! :) 


The Hughes Family said...

Your family is so sweet, Laura!

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