Friday, December 28, 2012

October-November recap

Here is a recap from October and November since I didn't get to do it earlier.

In October I made a quick trip to Indy to celebrate the momma-to-be, Lindsay (in the middle below...yes, you can barely tell she is pregnant).  This is the "Fab Five".  We all met the first week at Butler our freshmen year and have been friends ever since.  We are so excited for Lindsay and Dan and we can't wait to hear if it is a boy or girl!
I got to take Addie to her first Broadway show.  I want her life.  I mean Broadway show at age 4!  Geez. I got tickets to the Broadway tour of "Beauty and the Beast" at my work.  It was short notice and I very rarely get Broadway tickets (although Jeremy and I along with our friends John and Terrianne got to see "Jersey Boys" before Thanksgiving for free.)  She loved it and did awesome the whole time.  She was also excited to wear her Easter dress again.  It was a wonderful night and a sweet moment with just the two of us.  I asked her what her favorite part was and she replied, "When they kissed!"  Oh, such a romantic. 
Kate turned 15 months at the end of October. I won't spend much time giving an update on her since an 18 month update is right around the corner (sniff, sniff).  I thought our first born had quite the personality, but Kate definitely has some spunk to her.  She is a happy girl, loves when anyone will hold her, dances immediately when music is heard and is learning more and more words everyday.  She has her dad's energy and metabolism.  She is constantly on the move and can put away some serious food.  We have been struggling with keeping her healthy, especially the month of December, but know that hopefully this is the last winter season of that before her immune system gets built up. Please! At her appointment she was 20.3 lbs and 30 in. 

She is such a goose! (Pic taken at Brad and Tara's house with Reid's bumbo and Cole's underwear. Ha!)
We all went to Indy for the weekend to spend time with some of our best friends and celebrate our friend Erin and her new baby boy, Owen.  He is such a cutie!  We were all sorority sisters and have remained close since graduation.  Our trips are always too quick.  Unfortunately we don't see each other as often as we would like, but I know we all cherish our friendship.
On November 10th I became an aunt again.  Well, not technically, but still did. :)  Leigh and Chad had their baby girl, Rebecca "Reb" Louise.  Leigh called me in the middle of the night with contractions.  I could hardly sleep after that because I was too excited and anxious!  I visited them the next morning in the hospital when she had her epidural and was all relaxed while Chad had enough nerves for the both of them.  Ha!  I was sooo anxious waiting to hear the news.  I was almost sick to my stomach until I got the text from Chad.  I finally got to get my hands on Reb that night.  I am over the moon about her and we are so excited to have Leigh and Chad join us in this crazy thing called parenthood.
Addie was sooo excited to meet Reb.  We went to their house for dinner a couple weeks later and had a birthday party for Reb. 
I love this picture!  It is like she is a proud big sister again.  So sweet.
We celebrated Abigail's 2nd birthday.  We went swimming and back to Anthony and Jenny's house for food and cake.  I can't believe Abigail is two already!  Love this family pic.
Addie had a play date and so I enjoyed some one-on-one time with Kate at the park.  She loved feeding the ducks.  She just kept leaning forward and yelling, "Duck! Duck!"  It scared them away, but she continued to chase after them.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with family.  All the kids loved being with each other.  Here are few pics from the activities.
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Whew! That was long. On to the month of December sometime soon. Thanks for reading all the way through. :)

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