Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Early December

Some photos and such from early December.

My aunt and uncle got Addie this nativity set a couple of years ago.  Both girls loved playing with it when I started decorating and enjoyed it all season long. 

I met up with Tara and Brooke the first weekend of December in Cincy for a girls' shopping weekend.  It was a blast!  It was great spending time with some of my best friends (we missed Ashley!) and I experienced IKEA for the first time.  Whew.  Maybe an annual event, ladies?

Addie helped decorate the tree (Kate was a little too young to help).  Here she is putting the star on the top.  She really enjoyed hanging up all types of ornaments.  She was really low-key that night.  The next day she had strep throat so I guess that was why she was so low-key the night before.  Poor thing.
Jeremy's great aunt Sharon has an Open House in early December.  She has fun games, door prizes and always hides the pickle in the tree for people to find.  Everyone walks away with some sort of prize at the end of the day.  Addie was excited to get Barbie make-up.  And so was her mom.  Sense the sarcasm?
Such a great photo of Kylie and Abigial

Kate got some more bling. :)

Cutie Abigail all dolled up.

This picture cracks me up.  Kate is so expressive.  Jeremy and Kate were making faces and I caught a photo of it.

Why does she look like 10 here? 

In July, Kelly, Jenny and I got together on a Thursday night to do some crafts mostly related to Kate's 1st birthday party.  We had so much fun we decided to do it again.  It has now turned into a monthly craft night...wine, friends, talking, crafting!  Fun times.  And it is no secret that Jeremy enjoys craft nights as much as the girls.  No, really.  He is a great supervisor and always has a great tool or skill to contribute. :) In December there were about 7 of us and we decided to actually do the same craft.  In the past people just brought what they wanted to work on, mostly inspiration from Pinterest.  This time we made ornaments with photos on it.  They turned out cute!

Picture of Kelly using the drill press to make a hole in the ornament.  Jeremy wanted us all to make our own holes in the wood so he could teach us how to use that piece of equipment.  He's a nerd.  Kelly was nervous.  :)

Like the glasses?

One of my finished ornaments.  I made several and gave some as gifts.
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