Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Florida: Part 1

Jeremy's dad gets a really nice condo in Destin, FL for a week from work.  We went last September and this year he got the condo in July.  I wasn't finished working in Lexington so Jeremy drove the girls half-way on his own (dad of the year, right?!) and met up with some of his family at a hotel to drive the rest of the way the next day.  I flew down separately Monday night.  It was nice flying on my own, but unfortunately my flight got delayed and I didn't get there until about midnight.  I was soooo eager to spend some time with my family after being away from them for the month and was looking forward to some time on the beach.  We expected the weather to be very hot and humid, but it was actually nicer in Florida that week than in Kentucky.  We really lucked out and had really nice weather all week!  Here are pictures from the first day I was there.

Kate modeling one of the silly visors Mamaw got.

Nothing like waking up and spending some time on the porch in your pajamas looking out over the ocean!

And another model...

That night we went to The Back Porch, a favorite restaurant for Destin tourists.  Kate just started cheesin' it for the camera...scrunching her nose, cheeks and eyes.

Sweet sisters!

Looking so old!

Kate got so tan and blonde in a matter of days down there.

Love this picture!  She had a bad run-in with the glass door at the condo resulting in a lovely bruise on her forehead.  Oh well, she's still cute. :)

This goose was then jumping off this ledge face first into the sand just to get people to laugh at her,

Also love these sweet photos!  Addie wasn't feeling pictures that night.

We were so happy Tiffany, Dave and the girls got to do on vacation with us.  It has been several years since we had vacationed with them.  Our girls adore their bigger cousins and it helped entertain them too.  

Our one family picture from the week.

We actually got a picture together! 

I LOVE this photo.  You can tell that Kate really looks up to Alex and they have a great connection.

We managed to get in one go-cart race.  It was pretty crowded everywhere we went since it was summer vacation time, so we didn't stay long.  Addie loves go-cart racing, although in this picture she looks a little scared right before they took off.

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