Friday, August 9, 2013

May update

Here are the remaining pictures and updates from the month of May, which seems like a decade ago.  Enjoy!

Jeremy and the girls planted strawberries in our small garden.  Yum!

We met up with the Turners for pizza and ice cream!  Yum again!

Since my work gets so crazy in June we decided to take a half-day on a Friday and had a family day at the Newport Aquarium.  We had never been there before and the girls loved it!  Kate was all about the fish and sharks.  Afterwards we had dinner on the levee and my friend Meagan met up with us for a bit.  She gave me a big surprise revealing she is pregnant with twins.  So happy for Meagan and Ryan!


Most of these pictures are from my phone.  I was able to snap this one.  Love Kate trying to reach for the fish.

Clearly she wasn't as big as a fan of the fake penguin.  Ha!

The girls were finally able to meet their new baby cousin, Charlotte "Charley".  They both adore babies!

We have been very fortunate with a very mild summer, however, one weekend in May it was really hot.  We went to cheer Dylan on at his soccer game and Dawson and Addie tried to cool off under an umbrella.


I should frame this photo.  As our friend Kelly said, "Little sister problems."  Ha!

I snapped this photo of Addison getting her haircut by my friend Tracy.  Yes, that is a Bridal Magazine.  No, she is not 15 years old.

Chad's dad gave the four of us tickets to the Indy 500.  Thanks Dave!  We had never been before and it was quite an experience.  Let's just say it was very different than my early May trip to Churchill Downs for the Oaks.  We had an absolute blast!  Definitely something we will remember for a long time.  Unfortunately it was silly cold for Memorial Day weekend so we were pretty bundled up.  I guess the good thing is we didn't get sunburnt.  And I had fun cheering on a fellow Butler '03 grad, Ed Carpenter. 

I went to Chicago the last weekend in May/early June for a Butler girls trip.  We stayed at Kristine and Jon's beautiful condo for the weekend.  We surprised our friend Hannah with a bachelorette party/lingerie shower.  She is having a small wedding in October. 

We went shopping on Michigan Avenue, had dinner at the hot spot RPM (and have quite a story to tell about getting to the restaurant) and went out downtown afterwards.

And we even got a picture with some local firemen.  Ha!

Love this picture with one of my besties!

Looking back at this made me realize we had a pretty awesome May!

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The Hughes Family said...

Addison is SO GROWN UP. i can hardly believe it! The aquarium looks fun--we've been talking about taking Madeline.