Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm back...ballet showcase

Hello, blog, it's me, Laura. :)  After being away from home for almost 5 weeks (4 weeks for work in Lexington and 5 days in Florida with the family) I am just now starting to feel like I am getting our lives back together.  I am still pretty worn out from the summer and I hope to take some time off just so I can feel a little refreshed.  Family vacations are awesome, just anything from relaxation. :)  I know most of you readers understand that.  We are now busy getting ready for our oldest to start Kindergarten in two weeks!  What?  When I am old enough to have a school-aged child? 

Clearly I am VERY behind on blogging, but I am going to try my best to update this at least weekly so I can get back on track.  It is often difficult to keep up with, but I know I will continue to look back at this for years to come.  I debated on how to play catch up and so the first post is from Addison's dance showcase in May.  I hope to get some video on here from the showcase.  It is too cute!

Addie takes ballet in the spring at the Louisville Ballet School.  At the end of the semester they do a showcase for families.  It isn't a dance recital...a little less pressure and less formal.  I believe when they are 7 or so is when the recitals begin.  Addie took from there last year, but we had a family wedding so she wasn't able to participate.  She really enjoyed it this year and loved that all three sets of grandparents were there to support her.

Doesn't she look so big here?!

Kate did pretty well sitting through the showcase.  Of course she wanted to show off her moves right after.

Roses from Honey for her ballet showcase.  The other flowers are the ones we did as Mother's Day gifts.
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