Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dreams and things

It's official, I'm nesting. With only 7 weeks left until the arrival of a new baby, I guess anyone would be organizing and cleaning. Jeremy promises that the nursery will be finished painted this weekend. After that he will have to build shelves and put in rods for the closet. We also have to get the carpet laid. I want to get in there and decorate! The pictures show the work in progress. I should have taken pictures of what the room used to look like when it was our office...there has been a lot of change!

We just got great news today. The in-home daycare has an opening for us! We really liked her from the beginning, but she was full. We really hadn't found anything else that we were 100% on and was affordable. The woman, Shashi, is certified for up to 12 kids in her home. She has at least 2 other assistants and she takes no more than 4 infants, so that means our little one will be getting lots of lovin' and attention. It was such a sigh of relief!

One thing is for sure, pregnant women have some crazy dreams! I had a lot of weird ones in my second trimester. Not many of them were even related to babies or pregnancy. I have had a couple involving very large turtles...weird! One I did have about a month or so ago was related to labor and delivery. I went to the hospital because I was having contractions. I checked in and then told the nurses that I had to leave the hospital because I had something else planned. When I came back to the hospital I had already had the baby (not for sure how that happened)! The nurse said, "That is what happens when you leave." So I got into a hospital gown and got into the bed. They then brought the baby to me to meet her for the first time. I really haven't thought too much about labor and delivery, but I obviously am scared of it or totally avoiding it so much that it comes up in my dreams.

We have another class tomorrow...labor and delivery! After the class we will have a hospital tour. My prediction about the class is that Jeremy and I will have tons of questions or will just sit there in silence. I wonder kind of dreams I will have starting tomorrow night!

The baby is moving a lot, which is a great thing. She should be head down by now. If that is the case then I think I am constantly feeling her butt! All day long she pushes something close to my rib that feels like it could be a butt. It makes my belly look pretty funny, too.

I am having lunch with two of my closest friends from high school and their moms this Saturday. Our Sunday School class is having a "Triple Shower" for us and two other couples on Saturday night. I think it will be more like a celebration dinner. And on Sunday I am having a shower with some people from church hosted by some of my friends. It will be a great weekend! I am excited! I will post pictures of the events.

God Bless!

33 weeks (In some comfy clothes that aren't exactly flattering)

The nursery in progress. We took down bead-board on the far wall. It was put on poorly and it was a really weird height. Jeremy redid the baseboard and the trim around the window.

The owners before us used the closet as a work station so it had no doors and only shelves. We have to convert it back into a closet.

The nursery dresser/changing table located now in our guest room. Look at all the wonderful things she has gotten! I can't wait to organize it all in her room!


Nick and Jenn said...

You are getting so close. So exciting!!! I have been having weird dreams too so I can completely relate.

Heather said...

The nursery is going to look great! You look fantastic, I can't wait to see pics of the little one before too long!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe you are 7 weeks away. It feels like it was yesterday we were sharing the news we were both pregnant. In the beginning it feels like it is going to take forever before meeting the little one but WOW time flies. I can't wait to see pics of the new addition.
Amy Lotze