Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So loved!

We are so blessed! This past weekend we were overwhelmed with everyone's generosity. It is amazing how many people love this baby before she is even born.

The Labor and Delivery class went well. It was funny to see everyone shift in their seats when we watched the delivery video. Afterwards we went on a hospital tour. We saw two babies that were not even an hour old getting their first exam done. It was amazing! It all started sinking in imagining that will be our baby in 6 weeks.

On Saturday I had a wonderful lunch with Laura and Robyn and their moms. It was nice to catch up with old friends over a yummy lunch. Baby girl A received some wonderful gifts from them including a hand-made knitted sweater from Laura's mom, Robin, and very much needed items--a pack and play and a high chair! On Saturday evening we had the triple shower with the Seekers Sunday school. We had lots of fun playing funny games and opening gifts together. We are so thankful to have a great group of friends in our class. See pictures below for the best game of the night.

On Sunday I had a bridal shower tea at church hosted by Leigh, Katie, Heather and Terrianne. They did such an amazing job! Everything was perfect! Heather made the cutest tea bags that said "Have some tea from baby and me" and on the back "A baby is brewing". They had the date and my name on them too. How cute is that? After I opened all the gifts (again, I still can't believe everyone's generosity) Leigh presented me with a CD she made. She asked everyone who was at the shower to tell her their favorite lullaby. The CD was made especially for our little one with 17 of everyone's personal favorites ranging from "You are My Sunshine", "Baby Mine", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and more. This is a gift we will cherish forever!

When I came home Jeremy helped me unload the car again. I put in the CD to listen to it for a bit and started to unpack all the gifts. Before I knew it I was crying. I haven't been that emotional this entire pregnancy, but I was just overwhelmed thinking about how much we are loved and are about to be blessed ten fold when our baby makes her debut into the world. Jeremy just hugged me and let me have a moment, but I stopped myself before I came a blubbery mess. :)

While I was having fun with all our friends Jeremy was at home painting the nursery. That's fair, right? Last night we picked out carpet and it will be installed tomorrow! That means we can start moving things into her room and begin to organize and decorate. I can't wait!

No, we have not picked a name. That is probably the number one question right now. We have several names that we like, but have decided to make that decision when we see her. (Another one of Jeremy's ideas that has surprised me.) So it will be a surprise to everyone.

Below are pictures from all the weekend's activities. This weekend we have our final showers and Jeremy and I might go on a date. We haven't had one of those in a long time and I know we need to do it now or it will be forever until we have one!

Have a wonderful week!

The guys had to put a balloon under their shirt and then had to put their shoes on. The first one finished with out popping their "baby" won. It was hysterical!

Jeremy is carrying a little high, don't you think?

Pretty funny, huh?

Opening gifts with little Lucy's help.

Everything was pink and green like the nursery will be. It was so yummy and pretty!

With the hostesses...Katie, Leigh, Heather and Terrianne.

Sadie had another run-in with the paint brush, this time it was her ear.

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Laura said...

Laura, I know how you feel. It's amazing how generous people can be, and how overwhelmed it makes you feel to be so loved. I'm so excited for you all! Hope the next few weeks treat you well. Good luck! :)