Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun times

Lately we have spent a lot of time with friends and family. We are taking advantage of our time before the baby comes. I had my last two showers. The first one was thrown by Jeremy's step-mom, Annette, and sister, Tiffany. We played fun games, opened tons of gifts (with lots of diapers!) and ate yummy cake. Tiffany makes beautiful, delicious cakes. She actually did our wedding cake. She is so talented! Jeremy's family has already started spoiling this little girl. His grandmother even made me a diaper bag.

The second shower was thrown by two friends from work. We played a game where the guests had to answer questions about me. Jennifer and Heather did some scheming and got Jeremy and my mom involved. Apparently Jeremy thinks he is going to change more diapers and my mom thinks I will. Time will tell. It was another wonderful shower!

On Friday night Jeremy and I got treated to a dinner made by two other couples (well, I think the gals really did the cooking). I went to high school with Tracy, Blake (he was actually elementary school but starting dating Tracy in high school), Jamie and Derek. They definitely treated us! We had wonderful food and lots of laughs (with these four there will always be laughing). They gave us our baby swing (how nice!), a cute outfit and bibs that said things like "High Maintenance" and "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" Very typical gifts from these two girls. :) On Saturday night we went to eat with some of Jeremy's friends, Beth and Gary, and tonight we got together with Liz, another friend from high school, who was in town from Connecticut. I have probably gained lots of weight from all the food I have eaten with all these festivities!

The nursery has definitely changed over the past week. The walls are painted, new carpet has been installed and the closest is almost finished. There is a picture below of the closet. I have had to hold off until the closet was finished to completely move everything in. We moved in the crib and the dresser. We bought a rocker/glider on Sunday and that is now in the nursery. Things are moving along!

I go to the doctor again on Friday and will start going on a weekly basis. Hopefully everything looks good. She still moves all the time and right now as I type I am uncomfortable because she is getting underneath my ribs. Ouch! I know it is close to time because I get the question from someone "How much longer!?!" just about every day.

Have a great week!!!

Angermeier shower...Look at that cute cake!

The Kentucky Center shower (my work)...with the hostesses Heather and Jennifer

With Jamie and Tracy...we have so many funny memories together!

So Jeremy thought it would be a good idea to put baby socks on Sadie's feet! I know, he is a kid himself! He said it will keep her from scratching the hardwood floor. Too bad they didn't stay on long. I thought it would be hard enough keeping the baby stuff away from Sadie, but apparently I have to worry about Jeremy too.

Nursery closet...looks a lot better than before, huh?

A picture to show the paint color, new carpet, glider and crib. More pics to come when it is all finished.


Heather said...

WOW things are looking great in the nursery...and I can't believe how CUTE that shower cake was. Can't wait to see more !:)

kel said...

eeeeek! look at the nursery coming along!!! im sooo excited!!!love you silly, billy.