Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Chad Turner, You're an IronMan!"

We are leaving for Florida on Saturday for the week. REPEAT: WE ARE LEAVING FOR FLORIDA ON SATURDAY FOR THE WEEK! Can you tell we are excited??? I can't wait to meet my new nephew Dawson, spend time with my brother's family and just relax for the week. So, I am trying to catch up on all of our recent activities before we head out of town. Shew, two posts in one night!

Two Sundays ago our great friend Chad (Leigh's boyfriend and our photographer extraordinaire) participated in the IronMan in Louisville. It's a crazy, ridiculous triathlon...2.4 mile swim (in the Ohio River, do you people know how sick that is in itself?), 112 mile bike ride through hilly horse farms and then a marathon (yep 26.2 miles) after that! It makes me exhausted just typing it out. Needless to say Chad had been training for a long time and we were a part of "Team Chad" and cheered him on throughout the day. He finished in around 16 hours. Seriously? 16 hours of INTENSE physical exercise!

The day truly was inspirational! People from all over the country were there to cheer on partipants throughout the entire day. It brought tears to my eyes before Chad finished because it was such an accomplishment! We were so proud of him and happy that he didn't get hurt during the event!

Go Team Chad! We all had matching shirts and Addie wore orange to help cheer Chad on.

"Aunt" Leigh and Addison

She loved ringing the cowbell to cheer on all the IronMan participants!

Cheering on the bikers waiting for Chad to ride by...

The finish line at 4th Street Live. I didn't get to see Chad finish because Jeremy and I took turns cheering him on once Addie went to bed that night. Jeremy met up with Chad to take his mind off the pain and walked the final mile with him downtown until Chad got close to the finish line. I wasn't there to hear the announcer say, "Chad Turner, You're an IronMan", but I was at home praying that he was almost finished and would make it. When I was there in the evening while Chad was in the middle of the marathon a 63-year-old man crossed the finish line. This event is truly inspirational, STUPID, but inspirational!!! I don't even make time to run a few miles a day! :) Talk about feeling lazy!

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