Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More firsts...KY State Fair!

Two weekends ago we went to the KY State Fair with my parents. My dad hadn't seen Addie in months, literally! He hadn't even seen her walk if that gives you a sense of how long it has been. I was so glad they made it down for the day to spend some quality time with them, even though it was a short visit.

Addie experienced many firsts from the lovely event we call the state fair...first fair ride, first fair game, first stuffed animal to bring home from the fair. :) It brought me so much joy being on the merry-go-round with her. When it really started to take off she said "Weeeee!" How can we not make this an annual event even though it is ridiculously priced, unhealthy, hot and dirty???!!!

First ride at the state fair...

She LOVED the merry-go-round...I mean so much so that when it stopped and I told her we needed to get off she shook her head "no", then screamed "mine! mine!" when I took her off and then cried and reached for the merry-go-round as we left!

Going down the Fun Slide with dad. Addie was totally up for it. Jeremy said it was hilarious when they went over the first hump, Addie clinched on to his forearm as tight as she could. I don't think she realized it would be much faster than the slides at the playground. :)

Fishing for ducks with Grammy and Grandpa

Round #2 of the merry-go-round, this time with dad

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Aimee said...

Such cute pictures, glad you had fun at the fair--we are definately raising midwestern girls!