Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed non-laboring during Labor Day Weekend. We headed to Lake Cumberland to Jeremy's mom's houseboat for the weekend. It was a great trip relaxing, boating and hanging out with the family. Addie was fighting a mild stomach bug the whole weekend, but her demeanor and personality remained the same. We had the worst car ride ever on the way home: a diaper accident (with no wipes in the car since she threw up on Friday night and I used them all then and then Arby's didn't have a changing table); Jeremy got gas all over himself and the car because the nozzle was still clicked on automatic for some reason; and then Addie threw up again. Yuck! And apparently she gave her stomach bug to her cousins, Alex and Kameryn.

Enjoy some pics below...

Playing together...Kameryn, Layton, Addie

Driving the houseboat

One of her favorite activities of the weekend...throwing rocks back in the lake.

All four cousins playing in the baby pool

No words needed. Ha!

Learning how to fish. She didn't quite get the concept. As soon as we would cast into the lake she would say "uh oh" when the bobber would go in the water. It was funny.

This girl doesn't care to get dirty!

Look at this handsome boy. Our nephew, Layton, at almost 6 months old.

On Labor Day evening we went to my grandmother's for a big picnic at her retirement home. Addie loved all the activities, petting zoo and blow-up slides.

Addie is getting a hang of these fair-like games...grabbing a duck to win a stuffed animal

She really wanted to get on the horse and liked it at first. We didn't get too far though after the horse starting walking. Sometimes she is very fearless!

I'm sure all of you join me in remembering this historic day of 9/11 and praying for all the victims' families and our military currently deployed. I'll never forget where I was. I walked down frpm the cold dorm at the Delta Gamma house and my friend Brooke was in front of the t.v. in our room (Lower Lounge). She said, "Did you just get up? Oh, you have no idea what just happened!" I joined in a huge prayer circle that night on campus and was glued to the t.v. most of the day. A day no one will forget, I'm sure.

We're heading to Florida tomorrow! Yahoo! I'll try to post one post while we are there. We can't wait! Pray for our flights as we fly with a 18 month old! AHH! Have a great weekend!


The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Have so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Dawson!

Aimee said...

Cute pictures, looks like she had fun despite the bug!