Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Florida...a vacation to remember!

We're back from our vacation to Florida. :( It was definitely not what we expected it to be. Addie was sick right up until the day before we left! The day we left Addie was wheezing just a little bit, but we thought it would clear up once we got out of the Ohio Valley (one of the worst places for allergies). By the time we got off the plane, into the car and to David and Carrie's house, she had a high temperature and her breathing had gotten worse. By Sunday she was really hoarse and was really struggling to breathe. It was pretty scary! We took her to the immediate care and the doctor just thought it was a virus that had attacked her lungs. We gave her a nebulizer treatment and then had to rent one for the week since we were dummies and didn't pack ours with us. By Tuesday afternoon she got a whole new set of symptoms with a runny nose, watery eyes, etc. That night she hardly got any sleep and had a bad fever. We took her back to the immediate care and the doctor thought she may have had the flu. We have never seen her that sick before. She tested negative for the flu, but the doctor said she still could have it. She also had a mild ear infection. They gave her an antibiotic, steroids to help her breathe and tamiflu. She finally was herself by Saturday morning. We haven't had that little of sleep since she was a newborn or probably ever. Ugh!

We felt bad bringing a sick kid into their house with two kids living there, but there was nothing we could do about it. Last year we had the tropical storm, this year a sick kid, maybe next year will be our year! We joke and say that we got dealt the great kid that is unhealthy, next time we'll get the bad kid that is healthy! Although we dealt with Addie being sick, it was soooo great to be with our family for the week and the weather was perfect! We would rather be in Florida with a sick kid than home! :)

Addie had moments throughout the week when Motrin or Tylenol would sink in and she would act better. She really LOVED the pool! She mostly liked to play on the steps with the toys but after watching cousin Dylan jump into the water she became fearless. Dylan and Addie played really well together. She picked up a ton of words by the end of the week because of him. Addie would get upset when we wouldn't let her kiss the baby since she was sick. Dylan LOVES "Uncle Jer" and I loved cuddling with my new nephew! We were able to get to the beach a few times, Jeremy and David went charter fishing, we ate some great food and enjoyed hanging out with our family that we don't see a lot!

Enjoy the pictures below. Warning: picture overload! I'll post videos later this week.

Addie did really well on the plane ride down. We were able to bring her car seat on the plane and it was during her naptime. Here she is listening to the ipod. Too funny. The way back she had to sit on our lap and she finally was feeling better...that was a LONG two hours of trying to entertain a toddler!

Sharing the elmo chair with cousin Dylan

Look at this diva!

Splashing in the pool with dad

I think this is such a sweet picture

Checking out the ocean

Her favorite part was digging in the sand

So cute!

Addie walking Jeremy's uncle and aunt's dog, Diesel. They live about 1 1/2 hours south from my brother. We didn't get to do too much with them because Addie got really sick that night and we left early to go to the doctor. When her tylenol kicked in she played in the pool a bit and walked the dog. She loved Diesel!

She actually didn't freak out when the waves came in

Meet our cute new nephew, Dawson Caleb! He is so stinkin' cute!

All of the cousins together for a picture

Bathing cousins

Addie got sleepy since she didn't have much sleep during the week. She feel asleep like this on the towel. Ha!

Our only family shot of the week. Addie just woke up...can you tell?

Right before we left...a family shot

Addie pointing out the planes at the airport. She kept saying "Whoa!"


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BandBbaby said...

Oh I am so sorry she was sick the whole time, bummer! But like you said at least you had some sun therapy. I was just thinking last night how excited I am to see Garrett and Addie play in October. See you soon.

Aimee said...

Ok, the curls are out of control and too cute to handle! Love the pic of her and her daddy on the beach! Glad you made the best of it, that's what we as moms have to do!

Laura Camic said...

Great pictures! I love those curls!! Hope you had some fun even though Addie was so sick! Love ya!