Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Haircut!!!

It's crazy that Addie is 2 and had her first haircut tonight. She really hasn't needed one I think mostly because her hair is curly. Her hair is hard to manage at times and I end up putting it in pigtails or a ponytail. The back of her hair sometimes looks like dreadlocks, especially when she wakes up in the morning! (Jeremy won't even comb her hair because it is so hard to comb and he doesn't want to hurt her!) I think it will always be hard to manage due to the curls, but we thought a trim might help with the frizz and craziness! :)

Addie did great!!! My friend Tracy cut her hair at her salon. I think it helped that Addie knew Tracy. I also think it helps that Addie can be a girly-girl and she just liked being pampered. :) She never made a peep. We didn't have to worry about suckers or her sitting on my lap or anything. She was quiet, really curious and just kept looking in the mirror.

A little bit of a before picture. You can tell that it is getting long in the back. Addie was checking out her Noah's Ark cover most of the time. I told Tracy I hope to still put it in a ponytail and please don't let her lose her curls!

She looked like such a big girl in the chair!

She didn't smile much because she was very into what Tracy was doing.

After the cut...trimmed up and still cute curls! I need to take an after picture with her hair dry.

She is so grown up!!!

P.S. Another post below with lots of pics! Finally caught up on the blog! Yahoo!

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