Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial weekend at the lake

We went to Lake Cumberland for Memorial Day weekend and stayed on Anthony and Jenny's houseboat. Jeremy's dad and step-mom came down for the weekend for the first time with us.

Anthony caught a small fish and had Addie and Layton touch it. Addie went to touch it and put her finger in its mouth. It bit her and she flipped! I wish I we would have it on camera. She is still talking about it. She has told her teachers at daycare, people at church, my parents, etc. Too funny!

We had a great weekend with wonderful weather! Enjoy all of the pics...

Addie sometimes can be "all talk". She kept wanting to get in the lake and as soon as she got in she freaked out!

But she was much better on the raft. Layton loves the water!

Playing on top of the houseboat

She LOVED the jetski! Here she is waving with me on it. We would idle around the cove to look around and she would tell me to go faster!

Going out for a boat ride

Driving the fishing boat. Anthony stopped for a minute to talk someone and she told him to go faster! We may be in trouble one day!

And then she took a snooze on her dad...

And Layton fell asleep too...

Playing on the shore...

Fishing with dad

Posing in her bathing suit and cover-up

Walking along the rocks...
Skipping rocks...

Jetski ride with Aunt Jen...that is dangerous with her driving! :)

She fell asleep again on the boat ride holding onto the spray bottle like this. :) The sun wore everyone out.

Holding tight to the raft again with Papaw and Mamaw

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