Saturday, June 12, 2010

random Addie update

While we went to Churchill Downs Addie stayed with Jeremy's dad and step-mom. They have cows behind their house and Addie loves to go look at them and feed them. When we picked her up they were looking at the cows.

Here's Addie feeding the cows. Last time she fed the cows we weren't there. Annette said that she reached out to feed them a banana. When the cow stuck out its tongue it was real long and was curling to get to the banana. Addie's eyes got huge! If you ask her how long a cow's tongue is she sticks it out real long and makes a silly noise now. :)

After church showing off her little plant that she planted. I wish this wasn't blurry. :( All my DG sisters will love the sailor dress!

Although our house was built in the 1960s and with that comes some maintenance (that Jeremy does...ha!), we LOVE the huge trees in our neighborhood. Jeremy made a swing for Addie in our side yard. He hung it from a tall branch and it swings pretty high. This is her on it for the first time. She LOVES it! Can you tell?

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