Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family visit

My parents came in town one evening and a day so we could all be together for a day since David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson were in town. We went to the zoo in the afternoon and had dinner at our house. David didn't join us at the zoo because he had a job interview! Although we wanted him at the zoo with us, skipping out for a job interview is totally acceptable! Carrie and David are looking at moving here and both had interviews while they were in town. Keeping fingers crossed! We would LOVE for them to move to KY! Anyone got any job leads? :)

I always love the orangutans!

My parents touching a snake. Both Addie and Dylan touched it, although they were both a little hesitant.

A stop for lunch and playground fun

Petting the goats

Addie was excited about the camels. :)

Dawson took a nap for a little bit. He looks pretty comfortable, huh? Can't believe how big he is!

Dylan posing in front of the elephant with Grandpa

Eating some Dippin' Dots with Grammy

Playing on a rhino statue

Waiting for some dessert that evening. They sure can turn it on when they want something? :)

Hugging each other. Too sweet!

Trying to get a decent picture with all three of them before bedtime. Not too bad!

Although their visit was short, we loved seeing them. I think Dylan was getting annoyed by Addie. She was following him around like she was his shadow. When they drove away she said, "I wanna go!" I said, "Where?" And she said, "Florida! Come back!" Needless to say she loves her aunt, uncle and cousins. :)

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