Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camera clean-up

Some cute pics over the past off the camera...

A few weeks ago we met up with Betty and Randy at Costco. They were watching Layton. Addie and Layton held hands in the store. Too cute!

This is what Addie's hair looks like in the mornings. And YOU thought you had bad hair days!

I painted Addie's toenails for the first time a few weeks ago. She loved it! Yes, those are silly bands. She got them at a birthday party and wants to wear them all of the time.

It was Pajama Day at daycare a couple of weeks ago. This was right before we left. The kids watched "Princess and the Frog" and had cookies and milk. Addie came running to me when I picked her up and said, "Mommy, mommy, we watched Princess and the Frog. It's my FAVORITE!!!" I laughed because she has hardly seen any full-length movies and that was the first time she had seen it. She talks about Princess Tiana all of the time now.

Helping water the flowers

Little Miss Sunshine!

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