Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fair, family and more

Last Saturday we went to the KY State Fair with David and Carrie and the boys. It is awesome to be able to do these types of things with them now that they live here. It was hot and expensive, but the fair only comes around once a year so we had to do lots of stuff, right?

This was an amazing display of all balloons. It was an underwater theme. Amazing! We looked around for a while because there was so much to see!

The merry-go-round. Last year Addie said, "Mine, mine!" as soon as we took her off it. She was better this year, but was on to the next ride.

The fun slide with Addie, Jeremy, David and Dylan.

Right at this moment Addie hops up and says, "Again, daddy, again!"

Next the fire truck

On to the airplanes

Dylan and Addie riding high! There were many rides Addie couldn't ride because she was too short. She did NOT like that. She kept saying, "I am big, mommy! I'm tall, mommy!" She didn't get the concept of not being tall enough for some rides.

The following Sunday we had yet another birthday party. This one was for Craft (Jeremy's cousin's son). He turned 3!

On Sunday evening we watched all three of our nephews. It was all hands on deck!

Layton and Dawson playing inside the cabinet. It was cool to see them play together because they are close in age yet have never been around each other before. Their personalities are night and day different!

They eventually cleared out the entire cabinets and got completely inside of it. Where did Layton go?

Here is what our house looked like at some point. We were tired at the end of the night, but had fun! Addie had a blast with all of her cousins.

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