Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cincy shower & bachelorette party

Two weekends ago I traveled to Cincy for Meagan's shower and bachelorette party. I met Meagan the day I moved to Butler. Meagan and Amanda lived across the hall from me. We have still remained friends after all of these years. It was great to be all together again to celebrate Meagan. I forgot how much fun these girls are!

The Butler girls at Meagan's shower

Part of Meagan and Ryan's front porch. I would LIVE out here if I lived in their house. The house is very old with gorgeous woodwork, big doors and lots of details (Jeremy would love it). The front porch wraps around the side. It is an incredible home in Newport!

The Bachelorette!

The Fab Five...over 10 years later. Things have changed since our freshmen year at Butler!

Martinis at Bartini's in downtown Cincy

Can't wait to be back together again in November for the wedding!

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